Together (Ensemble)

Definition of together (Ensemble):

One with the other, ones with the others, at the same time
But also a noun in the singular:
The sum total of elements that constitute a whole,

  • The collective action of group,
  • Perfect simultaneousness, good synchronization,
  • (Mathematics) Collection of elements having in common one or more properties that define them,
  • (Arts) The balanced composition of a work
    By extension, well-matched individuals – they go well together,
  • Suit composed of separates (skirt, pant, shirt, jacket,…)

Thus an ensemble designates a multitude that can be understood as a whole composed of NON identical elements.



Photos realized from September, 2015 till March, 2016 in the stadium of a middle school in China, at Nankin.

Once a week, the pupils are gathered to make the levying of the flag. During these occasions, they are dressed in the uniform of the school, the high white and the pants or the skirts beige as well as the red scarf around the neck in summer, and red and dark blue jacket in winter.

All other days, the professors gather them to realize group “choreographies” which they repeat indefatigably during the year.

Sometimes, they use red, blue or yellow fans which they open and close according to a very precise rhythm and in agreement with the broadcasted music. Sometimes, they also sing.

These daily gatherings owed only a few minutes, at the most a quarter of an hour enters the time to be set up, to make the choreography and to return then in classroom.

The rest of the time, they are gathered in small committees to learn and repeat the parts of the choreography which are assigned to them either to go in for sport.

Once a year, servicemen come “to pull” these young children to walk in a group and in rhythm.

Beyond the effect of mass and uniformity which we can feel by looking at these scenes in their global nature, we realize by looking closer and in detail whom these children, taken individually, are as all the children of the world: lively, turbulents, sometimes obedients, sometimes undisciplined, attentives or not, serious, exuberants, cheerful persons, players.

And that as all the children of the world, they are raised and educated to be at one with the society with which they will identified once become adults.

They are the individual elements of a Group which will make the China of tomorrow.


March 2016

Edition of 6 and 2 artist proof

Dimensions : 87 x 44,5 cm (single photo), 90 x 46 cm (diptychs), 110 x 110 (16 photos assemblage), 100 x 100 cm (9 photos assemblage)