My very first photographic experience goes back while I worked as journalist for a French daily newspaper. I was brought to draft texts for websites and it is rather naturally that my taste for the design and the image made me slide towards Web design’s job. A first expatriation in Italy was the occasion of a decisive re-discovery: since I couldn’t work because I couldn’t speak Italian, the camera would be from then the instrument with which I could express my vision of the world.

Whether in Italy or China, I’m mainly an everyday life photographer. If exoticism is for many in the elsewhere, I draw my lot of discoveries and questions in the simple life. And I see poetry there. A lot. Sometimes light, disturbing, sad, deep or frivolous, these visions are the mirrors of my emotions that cradle the photographic illusion. This positioning towards the world is vital for me to continue to look at it with grace.

Since 2013 I work for 2 photo agencies, Arcangel Images and Goto-foto, and since 2016 I’m represented by Ofoto-Gallery in Shanghaï. My photos are present in private collections. Besides, I liven up a blog (www.photofolle.net) where I speak about photographic creation. I give courses – workshops, photographic coaching and on-line courses – of photography in France, Italy and China.

Laurence Chellali



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