My very first photographic experience goes back while I worked as journalist for a French daily newspaper. I was brought to draft texts for websites and it is rather naturally that my taste for the design and the image made me slide towards Web design’s job. A first expatriation in Italy was the occasion of a decisive re-discovery: since I couldn’t work because I couldn’t speak Italian, the camera would be from then the instrument with which I could express my vision of the world.

I’m mainly an everyday life photographer. If exoticism is for many in the elsewhere, I draw my lot of discoveries and questions mainly in the simple life and sometimes during journeys. Photography is the illusion of reality, yet it is also the reflection of what I see, which gives me tremendous freedom to express what I have to say about the world. Often intimate, my stories tell the emotions of the men and women I meet, and often my own feelings.

Since 2015 I am installed in China where I dispense courses and photographic workshops. I am member of the collective Dalam Images and Hans Lucas Agency, both mainly documentary photography structures. I also produce images for stock agencies as Arcangel Images and Plainpicture. Finally, I am represented by the Art Gallery Ofoto in Shanghai.

I keep besides livening up workshops in Italy and in France as well as a blog in French where I speak about photographic creation.

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Laurence Chellali