With a background in journalism and web design, I’m what one might call a hybrid photographer, mixing artistic practices with documentary photography. I like to connect, to break down boundaries, to explore new terrain, to be surprised by those I meet – and, sometimes, by myself. At the heart of this protean work, through the stories I discover or those that are more intimate to me, I wish to understand, to testimony, and even more, to share the narratives and experiences that unite the human community.

My work has been exhibited internationally, notably at the Nanjing Fine Arts Museum and at festivals in China, France and Italy. Represented by the OFOTO Art Gallery in Shanghai, I am also a member of the DALAM IMAGES agency and the STUDIO HANS LUCAS (mainly documentary photography) and a contributor to the ARCANGEL IMAGES agency (artistic illustration photography).

After living in Italy for 10 years, I’ve been based in Nanjing, China since 2015. I teach photography courses and workshops for adults. I also continue to run a photo blog where I talk about creative photography.

To find out more (exhibitions, awards, …) click on the Curriculum Vitae link.

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To find out more (exhibitions, prices, …) click on the Curriculum Vitae link

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Laurence Chellali